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JM: What are your thoughts on your son being sentenced to 87 days in jail?

Floyd Mayweather, Sr.: I dont want to see my son go to jail but I just feel that everything that has happened may have happened for a reason.

JM: How much will those 87 days affect Floyd Jr.?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well, Ive been in jail before, and I cant say the effect it may leave on someone that has never been in jail before. Ive been in jail before, so I know how it affected me. Whether he says so or not, it will affect him in some kind of way. Lil Floyd is a strong person, and hopefully it wont affect him much.

JM: Have you talked to your son since he was sentenced to the jail time?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: No, we dont talk man. We havent talked since that altercation that happened on TV. We havent talked to each other since then. Ive just taken a step back. I am going to continue to let him do him, and me do me. I have no problem with that. He said stuff to me, and to me that I would never say to my father whether it is on TV or not. Lil Floyd talks about me being in prison when he was younger, but I went to prison over trying to provide for my son, as well as for me. Lil Floyd was my number one concern, and trying to provide him with all the things he needed to pursue his career, and blossom the way he did. When he did blossom, look who he blames. At the end of the day, I was the one who taught him how to fight. Not his mother, not his uncle. It was me. His mother didnt give a damn about him. Right now, I dont have any problems with my son. Im not concerned with what his mother has, or what anyone else who he is providing for has. Im just letting you know how it goes.

JM: Do you think Floyd Jrs jail stint kill the chances of a Manny Pacquiao fight in 2012?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Lil Floyd doing time doesnt have to prevent the fight from happening. I dont think it will. Everyone wants to see the fight. I think Pacquiao dont want this fight to happen anyway. Pacquiao knows that Lil Floyd will whoop him. A blind man can see that. Lil Floyd is bigger than him, hes faster than him, hes slicker than him, hes stronger than him, and he has more knowledge than him. Lil Floyd has all the advantages over Pacquiao. Pacquiao dont have a chance in hell to beat Lil Floyd.

JM: As a father, how do you feel about your sons behavior that got him the jail sentence?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: He is still my son at the end of the day, and I dont feel good about seeing him have to go to jail. Sometimes things happen, and sometimes they happen for the best. Not everyone has to go to jail over and over, sometimes one time is enough. You go in there, see what it is, you come out and know you dont want to go back there. I spent 13 years in prison, so I know what it is, and I know I dont want to be in there. Jail will give him a chance to think about this stuff. Life is life.

JM: The last time that we talked, you stated that the fans can forget about seeing a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Do you still feel that way?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: No I dont feel that way anymore. I can see it happening next year. Everybody wants to see this fight man. Bob Arum has to get what he has coming to him now. Dont get me wrong, I like Bob as a person, and he has always been nice and fair to me. As far as this fight is concerned, I think Bob has no choice to throw Pacquiao to the wolves. Lil Floyd is the wolf. Pacquiao is going to have to be thrown into a wolf in a cage, and you know what chances you have against a wolf in a cage? None.

JM: You fought Sugar Ray Leonard. At the end of your sons career, how do you think his legacy will stand up against Sugar Ray Leonards legacy?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Right now it is hard to tell. Sugar Ray Leonard is already in the hall of fame. My son wouldve beat Ray. To tell you the truth, Lil Floyd beats Leonard in a lot of areas. Lil Floyd has made much more money than Ray, and so many other areas that Lil Floyd beats Ray Leonard in. What can you say? Lil Floyd is the best fighter of this era, and Ray Leonard was the best fighter of that era. It is Floyd Mayweathers time right now. Ive recently challenged Ray Leonard to an exhibition fight. Leonard doesnt want to do it, so maybe me and Tommy Hearns can do it.

JM: After your sons time in the sport is finished, who do you see as the future star of boxing?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Andre Ward or Andre Direll. I can see those guys getting to the top quick. Right now, Ward is in the kitchen, cooking up a lot of stuff. He may not be an action fighter that everyone wants to see, but he definitely has the potential to be the most talented fighter in the world.

JM: Now, Ive heard you say in the past that you are the only man on the planet that holds the formula to defeat your son. Is that correct?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Yes it is.

JM: For the right amount of money, would you train another fighter to fight your son?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Listen here man, if my son was straight forward with me, I wouldnt even consider it. Right now though, the way situations are about me and him having our differences, he aint being a son the way a son is supposed to be to a father. Thats why I would go and do what I have to in order to help me, Floyd Mayweather Sr. My son is all for himself right now. He is doing things for himself. His daddy has to eat. I have people to feed around me as well, and I have to live just like my son has to live. You have to do what you have to do to live. They can all look at this any kind of way that they want to, it isnt about any press attention or any of that. He isnt trying to help his daddy out, so I would help myself out. Im the one who taught Lil Floyd how to fight, not Roger.

JM: From a trainers perspective, what do you think Amir Khan did wrong against Lamont Peterson a few weeks back?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: He hired Freddie Roach as a trainer. Im tired of all this bullshit man, Ive been telling all yall for a while that Freddie Roach aint no fuckin trainer man. I saw the fight. I couldve done a lot different with Amir Khan. Lets be honest. I would love for everyone to watch me train, and then go ahead and watch Freddie Roach train. Hes won all these awards all because he has all this politic bullshit going on. Lil Floyd was the top pound for pound fighter for a long time, and nobody ever won an award for training him. What the hell is going on? Why didnt my brother win an award for training my son? Freddie Roach teaches Pacquiao to throw a straight left, and double hook. That is it. That is his whole day of training. He does it over and over again, and has nothing else. If you going to be fair, give another trainer a chance instead of giving it to this guy and the same fighter over and over.

JM: What do you think of Chad Dawsons career since youve stopped training him?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: When I was training him he looked amazing. He doesnt look good anymore. You know why? He left me. That is why he aint looking good anymore. Look at Juan Guzman. When I trained him he looked great, and when I stopped training him look what happened. Look at Steve Forbes. My brother was training him, and he left Roger and came to me. Look at Oscar De La Hoya. He was looking real good with me, and look what happened when he left me. All of these guys that I trained I turned them around from being nothing to something. When you get to be a good trainer that is what you can do. You can take somebody that is alright, and turn them into something. Sometimes nothing plus nothing leaves you with nothing, and you cant do something with nothing. When I see a fighter that I can do something with, than they can become something. Nothing from nothing will get you nothing.

JM: Whats going on with some of the fighters that you are currently training?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Im working with some good fighters. I got a good fighter out of Oklahoma. Even though there aint been any good fighters out of Oklahoma, I have one. Im looking to have at least fifteen fights in 2012. Everything is everything, and 2012 is looking good for me.


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