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Vassiliy Jirov: 1 Feb 2005 16:17

Vassiliy Jirov: "I will remain a heavyweight"

- Have you seen the fight on tape? If so what did you think? Vassiliy Jirov: "I saw it, I think I was winning the fight easy. The cuts were bothering me, I was winning the fight easy and he caught me with a good shot. I still think the referee should have let it continue, but it's okay. I just hope Michael Moorer wants to fight again, I don't know though because I beat him in every round..." read more ...
Pongsaklek annihilates Komatsu in 5! 31 Jan 2005 14:58

Pongsaklek annihilates Komatsu in 5!

Komatsu began fireworks toe-to-toe with the shorter champ, who responded with more accurate and more effective shots in the first round. The second saw the Thailander open a laceration over the left eyebrow of the aggressive challenger and floored him with a beautiful southpaw left. Pongsaklek, unbeaten since his last defeat in 1996, landed strong combinations to the challenger's bloodied face with amazing precision in the third and fourth... read more ...
Chi keeps WBC feather title!
31 Jan 2005 12:29

Chi keeps WBC feather title!

Chi positively started fireworks with fast combinations to the face and midsection in the first round. The champ had him down with a right shot, but the referee called it a slip as Browne then lost his balance. The Korean was continually in command in the second and third with a flurry of punches, but the Australian, some inches taller, gamely fought back with a two-fisted attack... read more ...
Nelson Dieppa sent Sanchez on canvas for 15 minutes 30 Jan 2005 13:01

Nelson Dieppa sent Sanchez on canvas for 15 minutes

Both fighters exchanged heavy blows throughout the first 10 rounds, with the champion dominating the first half of the fight with his jab and height advantage. Sanchez, a former WBO champion, landed heavy body blows in the late rounds... Sanchez remained motionless on canvas for more than 15 minutes and was taken from the ring in a stretcher. Wearing a neck brace and oxygen mask, the fighter raised both arms... read more ...
Arturo Gatti set up a showdown with Mayweather 30 Jan 2005 12:03

Arturo Gatti set up a showdown with Mayweather

Gatti came out boxing, resisting Leija's attempts to draw him into a brawl. That is until round five, when Gatti suddenly floored Leija with a straight right. Leija got up dazed and fought back gamely, but Gatti unloaded with a barrage of hard shots, dropping Leija again with a left hook. The 38-year-old Leija was counted out... read more ...
Winky Wright: 28 Jan 2005 18:00

Winky Wright: "There's Tito, Oscar and Benrard left"

Winky when you dropped your hands vs Mosley was that inspired by Mayorga when he did it vs Forrest and Tito? Winky Wright: "Naw, I did that because Shane hit me behind the head and thought he hurt me. In the clinch I told him didn;t do nothing, he said yeah right, so I put my hands down and told him to take his best shot. You won't see none of that with Tito though. read more ...
Lennox waffles on comeback! 24 Jan 2005 13:48

Lennox waffles on comeback!

Contradicting statements he reportedly made to the Sunday Times (a London tabloid), former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis is now backing away notions of a comeback. Lewis released the following statement on Sunday: "I want to reiterate what I said when I retired in February 2004 that read more ...
Samuel Peter presented knockout again 23 Jan 2005 15:47

Samuel Peter presented knockout again

Heavyweight Samuel Peter claimed the vacant USBA title with an explosive fifth round TKO over game Yanqui Diaz . The power-punching Peter forced Diaz to take a knee in round one and floored him again at the end of round two. Referee Brian Garry deducted two points from Peter for throwing an uppercut while Diaz was down read more ...
Mayweather wins in Miami! 23 Jan 2005 09:22

Mayweather wins in Miami!

In a WBC 140lb eliminator, unbeaten two-time champion Floyd Mayweather totally outclassed Henry Bruseles, scoring an eighth round TKO Saturday night at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. As usual, Mayeather was extremely fast as he outboxed Bruseles over the first three rounds. In round four, Mayweather changed his tactics and met Bruseles in the center of the ring, continuing to read more ...
Maskaev KOs Navarre and challenges Klitschko! 23 Jan 2005 09:17

Maskaev KOs Navarre and challenges Klitschko!

Before a raucous crowd of around 3,000 at Coushatta Resort Casino, WBC #5 heavyweight Oleg Maskaev stopped journeyman Quinn Navarre with a big overhand right at 2:47 of round three. Referee Russel Naquin reached the count of ten before Navarre (30-13, 20KO's) could get to his feet. After a slow start in the first round, Maskaev (30-5, 24KO's) landed cleaner, sharper punches to Navarre in the second round. "I felt good out there tonight," said Maskaev read more ...
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